Infant chiropractic care is safe, gentle and an effective way to optimize your baby’s spinal health.

The process of your baby growing and developing is an awe inspiring miracle that we can, at times, fail to grasp the complexity of it. The first part that grows is a neural tube that will become your baby’s spinal cord. From the moment that tube is developed, your baby’s nervous system is at work talking to every single cell as it grows. In just shy of a year, your baby goes from a few cells to a complex miracle today.

But if your baby can develop from a few cells to a human, why are there difficulties such as colic, reflux, latching, sleeping, rashes etc? The simple answer is the brain and the body aren’t communicating properly! The baby’s skeletal system is a delicate balance of strength and movement. Through normal life happenings such as birth, sleeping positions, feeding positions, diaper changes, gravity, learning to roll, crawl and walk, bones can move out of place, muscles will tighten and soft tissues swell. This can disrupt the channel where the brain will talk to the rest of the body, making it difficult for the instructions from the brain to get to their intended targets. This is where a pediatric chiropractic adjustment comes in!

What is different about a pediatric adjustment compared to an adult adjustment? Infants and toddlers are thoroughly evaluated for altered biomechanics in the spine and pelvis, and in addition their head shape and cranial bone structure is evaluated. They are also thoroughly evaluated neurologically; having their developmental primitive reflexes assessed for any that have not developed or have stayed too long. Research has shown that primitive reflexes, whether retained or under developed, can have a significant role in behavior, educational development such as language, reading, comprehension and attention to name a few. They can also affect mental health such as chronic anxiety, OCD tendencies, depression, and appropriate expression of emotions. They are also evaluated through history and observation if they are hitting their developmental milestones; which research also shows helps with various aspects of their educational journey as well as their life journey as they grow to be adults, and even into their adult lives!

With regular care you may see benefits such as:

  • Improvements in latching, nursing and overall mood
  • Better sleep and rest
  • Rebound from any bumps and falls
  • Hit developmental milestones on time
  • Regulate bowel movements and improved digestion