"After being medically retired at 100% disability in 2016, my body has always been in pain and a mess. Unfortunately that caused health concerns like migraines, two types of cancer, seizures, and consistent pain. In 2021, I first came into Healing Hands Family Chiropractic and was welcomed immediately. The comfortable environment and caring staff made a disabled veteran who struggles with doctors feel like there was hope. After thoroughly explaining what they were seeing in my first few appointments in words I could actually understand, I felt even more comfortable. It didn’t take long in my treatment process to start seeing improvements. Alan and Ariana have both worked on me and with their dedicated care over the years, what was once daily migraines and seizures have faded and now I experience migraines only once or twice a month and seizures are down to only one in the last year. My body pain is lower, I’m able to be more active, and overall my life has improved. I’m extremely grateful for the care I’ve received at Healing Hands and their amazing team! "
Michael C.
"I've seen chiropractors on and off most of my life. I've never had a better experience than I've had with Healing Hands. Their methods are vastly different and yield far better results than I've experienced in the past. Highly recommend you give them a chance!"
Brandon C.